Hair Cut 

Say goodbye to bad-hair days and old-fashioned hairdos! We will give you the haircut that suits your face and your lifestyle. Because there’s nothing better that an easy-to-care for, fresh-looking and feature-flattering hair cut!

Hair Style 

Our free consultations for all hair styling matters promise to put you on the right track if you are looking for a change. Hair is very important to the way we look and feel, so we are happy to search for the the style that suits you 100% and, more than that… teach you how to reproduce it at home.

Up Do 

Posh-ing up a bit or just dreaming of a different hairstyle? An ‘updo’ can work wonders! Be it a ballerina bun for a night out, a chic chignon for a lunch with the in-laws or a bouffant updo for your prom-night, we have it all covered.


Hair color can have a massive impact on one’s entire look and many people play with it in order to achieve different cosmetic results. By changing hair color, some of us want complete grey hair coverage while others just want to be on trend or to experience new sides of themselves. Whatever your reasons, we will bring you super results by using top quality products and innovative hair dying techniques.

Gloss Color 

Shiny hair can make such a difference to someone’s look and our gloss color is the ideal option in winter time when the sun isn’t out much and when everyone’s hair goes a bit dull. Our gloss treatment will not only make your hair shinier, but it will also provide translucent coloring and deep conditioning, improving your hair health from within.


For all those who hope for a different look without any major interventions, highlights are the smartest choice. Based on what you want to achieve, we can provide foil highlights, hair painting, frosting and chunking. All options are safe, with no hair damage and with stunning results in just a few minutes!


If you dream of a more mysterious, totally outstanding look, lowlights are the way to go. By darkening certain strands of hair, you will control the way the light is reflected by your hair and will create different geometrical illusions. You will be surprised what an effect such an easy to do trick can have on your entire appearance…


Keratin is a key structural protein in our bodies, making a high percentage of our skin, hair and nails. Our keratin-based treatments will help your hair look gorgeous while you achieve the sleek and smooth look your always wanted. Come in for a keratin treatment and forget the frizzly hair!

Japanese Streightner

Many women with curly hair dream of a pin-staight one and we can bring that to them thank to our popular Japanese straightening service. Quality products and highly trained personnel will get you the look of your dreams faster than you would have guessed. Say goodbye to your straightening iron and wavy hair for at least half a year!


Waves are back and there’s no point in buying a curling iron and damaging your hair on a daily basis when you can have long-lasting results with only one perm treatment! Book now and enjoy your look for months to come!

Color Correction

Home hair coloring gone wrong? We can save your day! Not only can we restore your desired hair color, but we will do so in the gentlest manner possible, by offering your hair a deep treatment as well. Plus some tips on how to avoid mistakes in the future.