The day you get married is the day when you want everything to be perfect. This is why you have to start with the lead actors of this lovely movie-in-the-making: you and your groom!

If you wish to go all goose-bumps every time you look at your wedding pictures, you need more than a great photographer – you need Khanoom Tala! Our special bridal packages are designed exclusively with the soon-to-be wedded in mind and promise you that your wedding day will be only about looking and feeling great!

What we offer

By booking an appointment with us, you receive a free consultation for both you and the groom plus a style rehearsal. The trial can be done weeks in advance and it is very important because it will help you rest assured that your hair and make-up will match your dress, as well as other factors, such as location, time of the day, scheduled activities etc.

We will see you again on your wedding day and we will get you the look to-die-for! Your hairdo will be as you imagined it, your professional make-up will stay in place no matter how many sessions of happy crying you will engage in, your skin will feel soft and your mood will stay up the whole time. Because feeling happy is the priority of this big day and we will be giving our best to make it happen! The clock is ticking so… book now and get ready to shine from dusk till dawn!